I'm so Excited to Meet you!

I am a Modern Holistic Wellness Coach here to help you create your future while mindfully loving your present in a process that I call "Living Lightly"


4 Pillars Of
Healthy Living.

In our Living Lightly sessions we will climb “life mountains”, walk through “life valleys” and stop to smell the roses along the way. 


Don't take life too personally. This world is a classroom and we are the students. Our challenges show up for a reason. Slow down, take it all in. Learn, grow, smile. 

Your body is your vessel, taking care of it is a necessity. Let's cut through the fad diets and latest fitness craze noise and find out what's right for YOU! 


Got a buncha junk laying around physically and figuratively? Time to get rid of it. We can get weighed down by excess and lose sight of our true desires. 

We all know that person that just has great energy. They light up a room with their zest for life. I want you to be that person and attract like minded people into your world.


We are all on a path to Living more Lightly. I would love to guide and support you on your journey!